Thursday, 3 May 2012

1:12 Wire haired fox terrier

I have a wire haired fox terrier, in real life, called Becky. Initially I was going to have a quick fix in the form of a "flocked" Schleich dog or something similar, but there were none that I particularly liked the shape of. In real life, I cut my dogs hair, so I am very familiar with her shape, and decided to have a go at sculpting her in fimo. I got alot of help from reading this

Unfortunately, I lost the patience to finish the flocking properly, so its been set aside for the time being. Im too ashamed to show its current state, close up, particularly round the face. Its terrifying! You need self discipline and patience to do this kind of work, and I currently have lost it on this project. But it will come back, eventually.

A very rudimentary dog head.

And its body.

Many hours later and ready for the oven.  A bit sadistic this bit...

Surprise! Quite a jump from the rudimentary head and body. No photos to show the progress, i was too busy filing, sanding and needle poking etc.  The nose is slightly too big, exaggerated by the cameras macro setting, also adding to the "too big".

A slightly different angle. From front paws to the tops of the ears, she stands 4.4 cm.  

A bad paint job, but will be covered in flocking anyway.  
The real dog, sadly not the finished 1:12 dog.

An empty cupboard, just like real life. Not really, she is well looked after.  I haven't actually finished the flocking yet, alot more work to be done, so she looks best viewed from afar and behind, for the moment. Whilst she has been standing around without her fur on properly, I had been busy doing up the kitchen. Which is also in various stages of progress. Too many distractions.


  1. You did a fine job on the foxy!! Can't wait to see it finished. Cheers -

  2. Thank you. And thanks for following too. Once I get a good desk light, I will get back to work on her. P.S. I'm in awe of your miniature basket weaving!

  3. Un d├ębut prometteur pour le chien .

  4. But nice to see how you create these furry animals. Even in my cottage there will be a dog. Compliments. A beautiful work.

  5. Hi Sarah! I am in Awe of your sculpting abilities! You blow me away!


  6. Hi Sarah, after your great comments I wanted to take a look at the work of the nice lady who is being so enthousiastic about my work. I looked at the first posts and saw that I really like your eye for things, what you do, so I decided to start at the beginning, always so much fun. And wow! I can't believe this is your first try to make a miniature animal.... it looks so amazing! The flocking might need some work still, but your feel for the shape and measurements, it just fits so well. I am positive that the finish will be great too, just has to be with your skills. It might take a while before you feel confident to do it or have the concentration again to, but when the times right you'll feel you need to work on it again. Good luck!


Thanks for your comment :)