Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween part 2! Masks!

Had a go at making miniature masks this year, using silicone to make moulds and experimenting with liquid fimo. Bit hit and miss, learning curves etc, but I'm pretty pleased with the results so far.

The masters for the masks.

No werewolf because time ran out :D Still tweaking these ones..

A representation of how miniature people would look waiting for me to get this party organized! 

Leaving the 1:12th scale Halloween world, this year I decided to go back to the old Irish tradition of using a turnip for carving a Jack o'Lantern (which I have since discovered is actually a swede, and not a turnip..even the shops don't know this, they label them as turnips) Here in Northern Ireland we didn't use pumpkins until relatively recently, in fact Halloween was never really that big here, despite it having origins here as Samhain. I remember as a child being forced to sit out in the garden carving my turnip with a knife and a spoon. It was a nightmarish experience that took up most of the day and would be considered child abuse today, we didn't have adult supervision back then.  We also wore black bin bags as a costume...

 I can see why the pumpkin took over.  There is something perfect about the turnip/swede though (and it really stinks).

Ar har, I stink

Happy Halloween to you all! x

1:12 scale Halloween Part 1 (plus free Halloween printables)

Happy Halloween!  I've flung these posts together, bit last minute! Where have you been Sarah? NO TIME! This is not quite what I had planned, but just in case there are any of you out there running around like a headless horseman trying to sort out some more final touches to your mini party, had to get it posted! Also something to do tonight, if like me, you have no party to go to... :( :D

A little round halloween box, made using a beautiful old illustration by Dennison's. This one is from 1914! Also found this nice online book showing halloween decor for the 1920s, The Dennison Bogie Book

Tips of cocktail sticks make great facepaints, you can put "faceputty" made out of erasers or something in the blank space below those...I haven't finished much unfinished (business ;) ) around here.

A Halloween tambourine, image courtesy of  The Graphics Fairy, and flattened mini beadcaps to make the...oh, er, what are those things called, new tab, google...small metal jangles called ZILS! :D

I scored my party bags sides so that they would fold in nicely at the top.

Here are the links for the Halloween Printables!

Boxes and stuff  Print on card

Because of my limited software, there are no tabs here and there, so I've included these pics below, to show how the party bags and hats should look when you cut them out, DON'T FORGET TO ADD YOUR OWN TABS WHERE YOU SEE FIT!! :D The party hat tabs do not need to be scored. The round box sides, party hat and tambourine sides, need to be curled using a tool of some sort, something like a ruler, I use the side of my bone folder.

When making up round boxes etc, I don't use tabs along the side of the circle. I measure the circumference of the circle, then make a mark on the "side", curl the "side", do a dry fit and then adjust, to make sure of a snug fit, then glue to make a loop that will around the circle. Then run a bit of glue around the inside of the base of the loop and drop the circle in, carefully fitting it in to place.

The Circumference of the tambourine is 56mm.

The circumference of the Ghost box lid is 63mm, the base is 61mm.

Depending on the thickness of the card used, those measurements may go up a millimetre or two to get the right side length. Remember to dry fit before gluing!

Bit of WIOY (work it out yourself) with my printables, sorry about that :D

This is a bit of a hurried post today...

Now some more pics of mini halloween stuff to look time to write anything.

Part 2 coming soon..