Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween part 2! Masks!

Had a go at making miniature masks this year, using silicone to make moulds and experimenting with liquid fimo. Bit hit and miss, learning curves etc, but I'm pretty pleased with the results so far.

The masters for the masks.

No werewolf because time ran out :D Still tweaking these ones..

A representation of how miniature people would look waiting for me to get this party organized! 

Leaving the 1:12th scale Halloween world, this year I decided to go back to the old Irish tradition of using a turnip for carving a Jack o'Lantern (which I have since discovered is actually a swede, and not a turnip..even the shops don't know this, they label them as turnips) Here in Northern Ireland we didn't use pumpkins until relatively recently, in fact Halloween was never really that big here, despite it having origins here as Samhain. I remember as a child being forced to sit out in the garden carving my turnip with a knife and a spoon. It was a nightmarish experience that took up most of the day and would be considered child abuse today, we didn't have adult supervision back then.  We also wore black bin bags as a costume...

 I can see why the pumpkin took over.  There is something perfect about the turnip/swede though (and it really stinks).

Ar har, I stink

Happy Halloween to you all! x


  1. Hello Amber Happy halloween, and what a TREAT to see your new post of halloween masks! They are just scary enough for me, but the carved turnip qualifies as Truly Frightening-
    but in a good way of course! ;D


  2. The masks look great Amber, as does the turnip/swede jack o lantern. Halloween is something that we only ever read about in American books, although it has really become popular here now with kids. I’m sorry you had to wear garbage bags, but at least it wasn’t hot in Ireland.

  3. Even though your description of the carving sounds like torture, your results make me want to try carving a turnip!

  4. I'm so glad to see you back, I've missed your posts and miniatures. And what a come back, your Halloween miniatures are fantastic. Thank you for your explanations about Halloween, all you say, especially about the turnip lantern is also true in Scotland. They also had potato lanterns. the topic of my English Master degree was Halloween and Hogmanay in Scotland.
    Thank you so much for sharing your new miniatures!!!

  5. Hello Sarah,
    The masks are incredibly well detailed. I just love them! The Jack o'Lantern is awesome!
    Big hug

  6. Esas mascaras dan mucho miedo. Genial la calabaza con luz !!!

  7. Hi Amber, You did a wonderful job of the masks. It must have been quite a challenge to work in reverse with the molds.

    Your swede/turnip is fantastic and stinky too. My grandchildren would love that. I can imagine it is hard to hollow out.
    It looks quite large.
    All the best Janine

  8. Wow, That's amazing. I just love to read your article throughout. I adore the treatment you gave the moon-so much dimension and just plain pretty. The stars look incredible and add so much to the mask. Your technique of drawing over the details of the patterned paper with the embossing pen and adding a franker-powder is so cool and I think I shall give it a try.

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