Friday, 17 August 2012

1:12 Butcher's Block

After looking at a lot of antique butcher's blocks online, I liked those with the brackets and those with the bolts, so I came up with this version, incorporating both. I made the block from scraps of wood, cut into small pieces, glued and layered in a brick pattern, which I then sanded down to "wear" the surface, as well as score it . The bolts are made from pin heads, small bead caps and round discs of metal ( which came from an old broken mobile phone I took apart years ago) and bought brass nails. The brackets are made from a thin tarnished metal sheet, cut and bent to size, with punched holes for the nails. The legs I bought, and the rest is made up with scraps of wood. I don't know the name of the company that made the hen, it may be Falcon, it was bought along time ago, and I don't see it online.

Butchers block with the oblivous pet Hen.  The block is only for vegetables!!

Authentic brick pattern. Only took a day and a half to make this alone......

In situ, filling the gap between the cooker and sink. Cooker and pump are Phoenix miniature kits.  Clothes airer is by Black Country miniatures.

Whisk experiments using wire, jewellery findings and model ship parts (wood). And superglue.

Paper jugs unpainted (2 pence for scale). Though I think the two on the left are quite convincing as they are.  I got the idea for making  jugs out of paper after seeing this tutorial online, though I used scrap paper instead of quilling paper, as I have yet to buy that...
Also its a fantastic blog for budget miniaturists, tips and techniques.

I would like to put up a photograph of my needlepoint rug progress, but it was taking over my life, nothing else 1:12th related was happening, so I have taken a break from it, hence no progress of that...

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Lollypop stick shelves

Shelves are 2cm deep. Cup hooks are by Phoenix miniatures. The brackets are also made from  lollypop sticks, and a  bit of 24th scale coving to add detail.  I have drilled a small hole in each bracket to put a metal pin through, which will help secure it to the wall, without needing to use too much glue, as I may need to take them down at some stage for redecorating.

The lollypop sticks were cut to size and sanded. I used a Walnut stain to darken the stick, then used liming wax  to  lighten the stain and give a soft sheen to the wood. I was lucky to find one lollypop stick in the pack (craft pack of lollypop sticks for about 99p) that had a knotty bit, which runs through to the underside, as can be seen in the photo below. 

And here they are on the wall, and nothing broken. Not the most artistic arrangement, but I  couldn't resist setting  bits on to them.  I drilled holes into the walls and set in small metal rods, which are then inserted into corresponding drilled holes in the brackets. These will be glued into place, but not until I remove the pencil lines on the wall, where I worked out the positioning. The shelves are slightly wonky, but I dont think it is very noticeable. 

Rug progress, this week.  When I finish this rug, I will be able to look back on all its photos with horror at the time it has taken to do. And then start another one, as petit point makes really convincing 1:12 rugs.