Monday, 5 November 2012

1:12 Camisole, bloomers and hangers.

1:12 camisole and bloomers. Handsewn with Gutterman silk thread. Cotton lawn and lace are from Little Trimmings. The buttons are from The Dolls House Mall, which are painted with humbrol. The waist band is the selvedge from the cotton lawn. To keep the seam allowance small without fraying, I carefully applied nail polish along the edges.  In hindsight, I wish I had made the "placket" slimmer, it is the only bit glued on and is staying that way. The placket is the bit with the buttons on it. 

1:12 camisole and bloomers reverse.

1:12 Hanger  jig. Self explanatory diagram I think, red line indicating wire.  I used 3 dress makers pins ( heads cut off) at the top, to hold the wire in position, while using pliers to twist the ends. The V cut at the top makes it easier to manipulate the wire tails. Then cut off one wire tail above the twist, and shape the other around something round (I used a screw) to form the hook, any excess then cut off. The two brass nails are in drilled holes, so that after the coat hanger is formed, I can remove the nails and the hanger can be lifted off. The wire is actually 15 amp fuse wire. I didn't have any wire that gauge, so until I get some, I have to make do with just the one coat hanger.