Sunday, 1 June 2014

And the keys go to...........................

After a long, long time of swishing my hand about in the raffle bowl, trying to choose which bit of paper was leaving the bowl, I eventually managed to fish the three winners out.  I have this exact same "selecting" problem with a box of chocolates. I don't want a few, I want them win! :D

So, the winners are...

......Tatiana was out of the bowl first,winning her favourite set B, Catherine came second and had no preference, so heads for my favourite which is set A, flip coin and it's...tails, she wins set C and Natalie came third, she didn't have a preference either!, so with only one set left, she wins the set which is my favourite, set A...the one with the tiny key.

(Sorry about the lack of avatar Natalie, I accidentally deleted it when I was preparing the names for printing, I thought there was a high chance nobody would ever know, so I just left it....and then you won! I knew I should have fixed it! :D )

Congratulations to all of you, if you can send me your address, I will get those posted to you ASAP! :) Just go to my profile and I have enabled the email function. I'll also get in contact with you to let you know.

I really hate the part of the giveaway where people don't win, but thanks everyone for entering and for the birthday messages too. 

I'll be posting about how I made these too...eventually! :D