Tuesday, 13 February 2018

1:12 scale "Ivory" thread winder tutorial...sort of.

Hello, I'm here to collect my bad blogger award...and also leave a quick tutorial of sorts.

Using a flower punch, secure the thread behind the "front" of the flower, between two petals, then make a dot mark on the petal as shown in the video. This dot reminds you of where you started a round. I think two rounds is sufficient. Then place the thread over three petals, with the thread being brought back to come up between the first and second petal where you started, then repeat, repeat until you're finished. Secure the thread at the back with a bit of glue, trim when dry, and then snip the petals. I used an exacto knife to do it.

Hope the video makes this tutorial clearer. It's really just to show how to make the pattern 😃

Bye... away now with my award 😃


  1. Always a Pleasure to see your work Sarah but don't get too down on yourself because regardless of how long it is in between blogs, you reappear at Exactly the Right Time! :D


  2. Welcome back! I am so glad to see you.
    What a great idea with such a gorgeous result. I can sure see hanging a few of those on a Christmas tree. I am sure outer uses will occur to me too. Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial.

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  4. awesome ! thank you Sarah for this video

  5. Hello Sarah,
    That was a great video. Fear not...real life gets in all our ways sometimes ;)
    Big hug

  6. Thank you for the video as a picture is worth a thousand to see you posting! Cheers, Alayne

  7. Hi Sarah, nice seeing a blog post of you!
    Thank you for sharing the awesome video, it looks great!
    And don't worry, I quote Giac: real life gets in all our ways sometimes ;).
    Hug, Ilona

  8. Gracias por el video. Bonitas flores.

  9. Super cute, like the prettiest little snowflakes. Thank you for sharing. As for blogging (or lack off) No worries - it is meant to be fun and a pleasure not a chore.
    Anna x

  10. Un tutorial fantástico , gracias por compartirlo:-)

  11. Hi Sarah, Nice to see you. What a sweet idea and they would make lovely Christmas decorations.
    Cheers Janine

  12. Sorry Sarah, I am snatching the Bad Blogger Award clean out of your clever little hands!!!! I get it for being absent for almost TWO YEARS. Love this tutorial, thank you. All the best, Carol

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