Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dressing table and Bathroom sink

Two pieces I have had in the works for months. And they still aren't completely finished. 

Dressing table. The mirror with drawers is a bought piece, which I've had since I was a child. It was originally mahogany.  I refined it with sandpaper, rounding the edges of the frame, etc. Using a silky mitt, intended for your legs, gives a really nice matt finish to 1:12 painted objects. It also wears away the edges in scale. The table, is also an old piece of dollshouse furniture, mass produced Made in China stuff from the 90s, I have a box full of it. It has been rejigged and had new legs (spindles) put on. A few more coats of paint and fine sanding, and it will be finished.

Mirror board from Phoenix miniatures.  Just to show the realistic reflection it gives. That jewellery squirrel tree is in my  life size bedroom.  The original mirror had too much "depth", it was quite thick, though I read somewhere if you use a black marker round the edge, this is resolved. But I lost the original mirror anyway, so...

Dressing table drawer handle, made with a brass picture nail, with a tiny bead cap superglued on top, with the head of a tiny pin superglued on top of that. A hold your breath moment setting that in place.

It is a really dull day today, it usually is. I don't like using flash in the dollshouse, but I had no choice, I wanted this photo for the records.  Picture on  Phoenix "Wilkswood" fireplace, is a Canadian stamp.

Not quite finished... Sink made from gloss painted Das clay and wood offcuts. The cast iron support is a bar table, from Phoenix Miniatures, though the  'box' surrounding the sink is a plastic sticker, painted pewter. The taps are made from ear bullet posts, wooden dowel, pins, crimp beads and model ship cowl vents and wheels. Taps are waiting for some gold leaf. Eventually, I will get round to finishing off the taps and sink surround. 

Birds eye view of the sink. Shell soap dish, is a jewellery finding pushed into the clay and painted . Plug hole is a brass wheel (model ship part) with a washer on top. No plug for it yet!


  1. Bravo Sarah, your victorian sink is very réalistic and élégant and i adore the little donkey.It is so cute.

  2. I like a lot of sink victorian and I adore the little gray donkey. He's so cute. I wish I know modeling but I don 't have your talent for it. I will still try following your advice. Good day.

    1. Thank you, Im glad you like them. To roughly explain how I made the sink, I used cling film on the outside of a plastic measuring spoon, then covered in Das clay. When dry remove from spoon, sand level. Then surround the sides of the clay spoon shape with das clay, dry and sand square. For the donkey, or any fimo object, I bake the rough model for 5 minutes first, then add layers of fimo and detail, and of course bake again when finished. This makes it easier to handle.

      P.S. I love your mice on the Singer sewing machine! :)

    2. I have sent you an email. I am getting your posts, though I have not published them as you have put your email address in one of them. I have taken the moderation off the comments and put word verification in instead. Hopefully that will solve the problem :)

  3. Thank you for explanations. I think I understand but what is sand?
    I 'try to make a dog with the method of the donkey. For now, I build furniture for children.
    good creation

  4. I'm glad I found your blog. It's lovely!
    I loved your Dollhouse and furniture. ;)

  5. That's an amazing shabby chic type dressing, i love its simplicity and the contrast of white and brown paint with the fancy knobs of the drawers give the table more lovely look. Wish you very best of luck.


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