Wednesday, 6 June 2012

1:12 Victorian donkey pull toy

I don't intend to have a nursery in my dollshouse, so this will be on show as a vintage ornament. I really like the donkey pull toy in one of my family photographs, so decided to make a miniature one for the house. Didn't quite manage to get the ears and the legs as fine as I would have liked. The donkey is made from fimo, over a tiny wire armature, then flocked with finely cut wool. I used crochet thread for the bridle, reins and edging on the leather saddle, which is all held in place with dots of superglue and pva glue. The wooden base was an offcut, and the wheels are one side of a snap button with the centre filed down to make a hole, a pin then inserted, with the remainder of the pin glued into a small piece of brass tubing acting as the axle.

My great aunt Rita Lynas circa 1905

Close up of the pull toy used as a photograph prop.

4cm high and 3.3 cm long. Actually donkey alone is 3.5cm high. £1 coin for scale.

I put a dot of nail varnish on the eye to give the impression of glass eyes. Very hard to see in photographs.


  1. He is just gorgeous - you are so talented! x

  2. Hi Sarah! I have to say that your sculpting skills are phenomenal! You have captured the personality of this pull-toy wonderfully and your great aunt Rita would be very proud of you!
    Hey!... I am proud of you too!!!! :D


  3. ¡No puedo creer la habilidad que tiene para realizar estas miniaturas!

  4. wow, I can't believe this, so beautiful! You are indeed very talented, hence the spamming on my part now :D

  5. OH how I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this little donkey. Love love love...


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