Monday, 22 June 2015

1:12 scale Garden Bench

This is a 1:12 scale customized Falcon miniature Park Bench.

The slats happened rather sooner than I thought.  I used lollypop stick wood for the new slats, which was treated with Pepper's magic silver wood solution, and then stained with Rustins Antique pine.  I was going to add bolts to the end of the slats, and also add some old flaked off paint and maybe a touch of lichen (as though it has been brought in from outside) but I haven't made my mind up yet...

The lollypop stick wood was a bit warped, which I think adds to the effect, though one slat was a little more warped than the others, so it casts a bit of a shadow. I wasn't too worried about precision, so the gaps are a little irregular, though it has been lying outside in all weathers! ;)

Think I'll have a cup of tea and a biscuit now! :D

Er..yes, I went against my own advice and messed about with that metal CONTAINING LEAD... I did sand it slightly here and there too. I got the jewellers saw out and (awkwardly) removed some of the "ledge" on either side of the bench ends. The metal is almost like butter to saw through, which is great, but you also have to be careful not to bend it, as after a few bends, it would snap right off.

I then painted it with Humbrol matt black paint, and didn't bother using primer :D

Next stop, tomatoes!

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments in the previous post :)


  1. Your bench is lovely :) I always have a difficult time trying to straighten out and neaten the warped, messed up craft sticks too. Great job with them, the stain and the wood solution give them such a realistic look!

  2. The boards look great! It has a gently aged and used look. Makes me want to sit down. I've become a Dremel addict and stopped using saws. The Dremel is sooooo much easier for the little fiddle bits because they have so many different sized cutting discs.

  3. The bench loos great. I like the irregularities.

    Chances are the metal pieces are not lead. I would bet they are pewter. Which is also very soft. It clogs up you flies and it melts at about 400 degrees F. I have cast both of those metals. I think Phoenix Model Developments uses pewter. :-)

  4. I love that the bench looks weather worn. In fact I love all of your minis - how they look used and loved. Hmm, tamaties *waits eagerly for tutorial*

  5. Ha hecho un buen trabajo con la madera. Me gustará ver como llevas a la práctica el resto de tus ideas.

  6. Beautiful! May I sit and have tea and biscuits with you please? I'll bring home made shortbread :)

  7. Beaucoup de travail pour rendre ce banc plus réaliste, mais au final, c'est un joli banc qui a acquis, au fil du temps, beaucoup de charme !
    Bises. Joce

  8. Prachtig je bank!.Mooie oude kleur geworden.
    En whow je vloer prachtig!!!.
    Succes met alles.
    Fijne week groetjes Karin

  9. Un gran trabajo,ese banco se ve muy real!!!!

  10. Wow, Sarah, the bench looks so much better now. I'm glad that you made the slats irregular and that you gave it the right color of being outside for a long time. This all adds so much more realism, great job:D!
    I think I'll come over for a cup of tea, okay ;O!?
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. Wonderful bench!! It looks very real as treated by the weather. Wonderful!!

  12. Wonderful bench!! It looks very real as treated by the weather. Wonderful!!

  13. Wonderful bench!! It looks very real as treated by the weather. Wonderful!!

  14. Hello Sarah,
    Terrific transformation. the bench looks wonderful!
    Big hug,

  15. It looks fantastic, well worn and realistic! I love how this room catches light. The shots are always beautiful!

  16. Love it! I don't think it contains lead, but rather a lot of pewter, which is the reason for it being so bendy. I found mine in a toy shop and they wouldn't be allowed to sell it if it contained lead. Mine now needs this treatment too!

    It looks so much better with the matt black paint and blends in much better in the conservatory with the silvery wood!

  17. Hi Amber, thanks for commenting on my blog!
    Now look at you busy bee-ing!:) Love what you've done with the bench, much, much better! (though I liked it as is yesterday) Proves you've got a good eye for this.
    Well done!

  18. Your bench is amazing and really realistic.

  19. Hi Sarah! I think that you made a Great decision in swapping out the new slats for old weathered ones. It now blends in with the other elements inside the greenhouse. I love your photos of looking out into the garden from inside the glass house. You wouldn't know that your greenhouse was a miniature except for your blog and it looks just as real with the bright sun streaming in as it does at night just before you shoot off the fireworks! :D


  20. The bench looks great! And I would love to sit there in the sun and read a good book or something, such a beautiful place for a lazy day =)
    I look forward on seeing your tomatoes =)

  21. Beautiful, climatic scene. I want take a sit with little piece of cake

  22. The bench looks beautiful! I love that shadow of the warped stick. It looks like a real life bench. You tomatoes are going to be great I know it! Can't wait to see!!!

  23. hi Sarah, hope you enjoyed the tea and biscuits ;), your bench looks great! I like the colour of the wood, I agree the others were too orangy to my taste too. And the warped wood gives it character, like the colour, like it!

  24. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!


  25. Beautiful work. I like your ideas and they way to present to people.


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