Saturday, 20 December 2014

Happy Christmas and super KDF mini's from Pepper!

Long overdue post!

Awhile back, Pepper very thoughtfully asked if I "needed" anything from KDF ( don't we all :D ), as she was well aware there are some must-have miniatures that you literally cannot get anywhere, unless you go to a miniature show. As it happened I did "need" some Causeret pottery and Ray Storey glassware, quite badly actually. My shopping list items ended up being mostly unavailable, so Pepper had to choose for me, and she chose perfectly! She also had to dig into her Ray Storey glassware collection, as he had sold out prior to the show. So another giant Thank You again for that Pepper! Aaand... she got me more than a few extras! Everything arrived individually wrapped in tissue paper, and I had no idea what was in each one, so you can just imagine how amazing my afternoon was the day I unwrapped each of the following miniatures....  Warning - Photos do not do these miniatures justice, though they still look amazing despite the lighting conditions :D

Pottery by Elisabeth Causeret. 

They are just...beautiful. The crackle glaze is even more crackly in reality.

Each piece is signed with a potters mark on the base, bit hard to make out in the photo. They are incredibly stable too.

More Elisabeth Causeret Pottery. The mugs are both the same size, one is just standing slightly in front of the other.

Even more Elisabeth Causeret Pottery ( I know, I have been spoiled!). The lid on the teapot is removable.

Ray Storey bottles.

Colander and ladles by Orsis Miniatures. Very bad photo, these are delightfully dainty, ie. each ladle handle has a curl at the top. The matchstick is 3.8 cm long.

David Provan spice tower, honey pot with dipper and recorder.

The recorder has a thumb hole on the other side......I forgot to turn it over to show that :D

Each container has been turned for a precision fit, and the lid has a beautiful knot too.

Potato peeler by David Provan, part of me believes that you could actually peel a tiny potato with this. 

The last miniature parcel to be opened was this little box, I actually didn't expect anything to be inside it, but it was a tad heavy....

...?! :D

YES! The most amazing amount of biscuits!! And they were beautifully arranged in rows, which I forgot to record, in my haste to get them out of the box. I will definitely need tweezers to recreate how they were arranged :D I've even got an order for eating these, bear goes first, followed by star, then rectangle finished off with plain rounds, then back to bear,etc, :D. These were made by Orsis Miniatures.

And everything together! I had taken an inpromptu photograph of some of the pottery in the conservatory, but there has been an invasion of cat hairs and fluff, so I didn't include it :D Spring clean coming soon...

Thank you so, so much Pepper!

Pepper has opted for payment via miniatures, so this is one side of a swap, sadly she has to wait for the other side as I haven't made them yet, as much as I would have loved her to have them for Christmas :D

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.


  1. Elisabeth and David do amazing work, and your honey pot and recorder are adorable. I bought some of their stuff at 2012 KDF, including a very tiny baby's rattle from David. It's amazing that someone can make things that small and delicate from turned wood. You will have fun putting these into good use in your mini scenes.

    1. Thanks Shannon, and I can't wait to use them properly.

  2. Фантастические миниатюры! Такие миниатюры являются мечтой любого миниатюриста! Наслаждайтесь!
    Счастливого Рождества!

  3. Wow! The pottery is truly wonderful! I get more and more impressed by fine pottery, I have to buy some myself one day =)
    And the glass, I can just say the same thing about that =)
    Everything is just wonderful!
    Happy Christmas and New year!

    1. It's an investment Hannah!!!! Do it :D

      Happy Christmas to you :)

  4. Hi, everything is perfectly made, very lovely items. I think everything is great, but the super realistic potato peeler is especially impressive for me :-).

    1. Thanks! I was particularly taken with the potato peeler too, I suppose because I use one nearly every day as well :)

  5. What excellent craftsmanship and Pepper is a real sweetheart to make sure you got them!

  6. Wow, amazing miniatures of quality. Pepper chose well.

  7. WOWeeeeee!!!!! Pepper can shop for me too! What a Treasure Chest of FABULOUS Goodies! I Love
    All OF IT!!!
    The pottery is all so Fine and the Tea pot is just my cup of tea, but the Biscuits and the colander and the potato peeler, honey pot, spice tower, glass bottles- Every thing's Fantastic..... I have eyeballed your recorder and wonder if you would be able to squeak out a mini tune since it has all the proper finger holes? :))
    What a bounty, and what a great friend Pepper is; Have loads of Fun playing with all of your new treasures, Sarah and have a VERY
    Merry Christmas!

    elizabeth :D

  8. These are absolutely miniature treasures. Every little piece is so finely crafted. I love the pottery end everything else but I'm in love with flute. It just wants some little fingers and a mouth to start playing.
    Have fun!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Drora

  9. Hi Sarah! Oh, how nice of Pepper to do this for you! She has done a great job at the KDF and she has an excellent taste ;)! I'm always amazed what excellent craftsmanship there is to be seen on miniature fairs. Personally I'm a big fan of Elisabeth Causeret Pottery, she creates the most detailed pottery there is and she is such a kind lady! The potato peeler is indeed an excellent piece of work. I can see that "pepper" is also present in the spice tower ;)! It is all so very beautiful, enjoy your new goodies, Sarah!
    Thank you for your very kind message, I'm getting better now every day, thanks!
    I wish you and your family:
    A Merry Christmas and my very best wishes for 2015!
    Hugs, Ilona

  10. Oh, what amazing treasures! I guess the really fine things are only at the really big shows.... Someday I hope to get to one! I absolutely Love those mugs and the pitcher, and the crackle glaze vase, and the turned wood.... the recorder is Amazing!!! You definitely got some beautiful pieces here! I can't wait to see what Pepper gets....!

  11. What Pepper chose for you is perfect, they are amazing miniatures. You know how I too love Elisabeth Causeret's work and she is a very lovely woman.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  12. Wow fantastic pieces, love the vases!

  13. You know, buying miniatures comes a close second to the thrill of sending something to someone and them loving what you sent. Glad you liked everything and I can't wait to see them in your fab scenes. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year =0)

  14. Oh my goodness! What incredible miniatures. They are all so precisely detailed. They'll fit in well with your own masterpieces.
    Merry Christmas! And the best New Year!!

  15. preciosas miniaturas....felices fiestas!

  16. What great pieces. Pepper has such a great eye. I love Ray Storey and Elisabeth Causeret's pottery is amazing. Have fun with your new treasures! Looking forward to seeing them in a scene.

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  18. No se como serán al natural, pero en las fotos son fantásticas.
    Un abrazo

  19. Gorgeous minis! You have a wonderful friend!
    I am happy I found your blog through Pepper's!


Thanks for your comment :)