Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

A miniature make and photograph by the 31st of October, and it's still not finished!!! Maybe next year... :D  

Unfortunately I didn't have time to photograph individual items close up with details, links, materials, etc, but I will do that this week some time. 

It's still a bit too bright...

Extremely orange oranges :D

...almost night-time... it dark enough yet? OI! Get that parrot away from the candy apples :D

(the parrot is by Falcon miniature, I think, though an old one)

Yay, time for the fireworks!!! :D Hope it isn't raining where you are.........It's raining here :D
Happy Halloween everybody!


  1. Beautiful and funny!
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Yup, it's raining here too. :((
    Even so, your party-goers will be nice and dry inside when they visit your FAB greenhouse! :)) I love how you left much of what would normally be there, and simply made space for the refreshments and the decorations. I don't think that your oranges are "too orange" as they look like mandarins, and the little ghost pops are quite tempting especially the way that you have them displayed. I also like the spider on the pumpkin, the black cat painting and the opened box of fireworks. Very clever that. Not to mention the door decoration which is quite ghoulish!
    So I am looking forward to reading more about this halloween party in all its scary details, Sarah.
    And only wish I didn't have to wait.... "Boo" hoo

    elizabeth :D

  3. Привет Сара!
    Вы ввели меня в заблуждение! Я была совершенно уверена, что это ваша реальная теплица!!! :):):) Но, когда я увидела попугая, я себе сказала "стоп". Живой попугай стоит очень дорого. Вряд ли он так свободно разгуливал бы по теплице!!!! И тогда я поняла, что это мини!!! Мне очень нравится!!!!

  4. Raining in Dublin too Sarah. Fine all day until the trick or treaters want to emerge - then it starts!!!! I love your scene. I had to look at it really closely at the start because I was not sure whether or not it was actually miniature. Your photos are terrific. Love it. Mini hugs, Carol :) x

  5. Nope, it isn't raining here, Sarah, it is dry and tomorrow the weatherman expects that it will even be 20oC. I think the weather is gone mad: it's autumn and November ;)!!!
    Yes, I agree with you that it is difficult to photograph a good Halloween scene, especially if you want a special light effect for such a scene (I hope you know what I mean..). But although you have doubts about the pictures, I haven't: your greenhouse is a beautiful place to be and by far the best place to celebrate Halloween :D!! You've really fooled me: I thought the same as the other bloggers, cause I also thought it was a real green house.
    I love all of your detailed Halloween miniatures, which you have placed in this scene, the result is gorgeous!
    Happy Halloween and I wish you a nice weekend! Hugs, Ilona

  6. not raining over here... but then again we don't have fireworks. love what you've done to halloweenize the place!

  7. Una ambientación magnífica.

  8. No it is not raining in Holland,but we have also a lot of fun.The greenhouse looks very nice a very happy Halloween to you also.

  9. Soleil et douceur sont toujours très présents !
    Quel magnifique travail ! J'aime beaucoup tous les éléments pour Halloween. Hier, dès la tombée de la nuit, de nombreux enfants déguisés sont venus réclamer des bonbons, très sympathique soirée !
    Bisous. rosethé

  10. Raining in Southeast United States! You scene is so realistic I kept going back and forth thinking it was R?L sized and mini. Still not sure! LOL

  11. Una preciosa ambientación,con un gusto exquisito!!!

  12. Hi, Happy Halloween, this is a great scene, very realistic! Greetings from Belgium, where it's usually raining, but not yesterday or today :-)!

  13. Wow stunning work, the Halloween detils are amazingly well done!
    We have had freezing rain and are about to get a bit of snow!!! :( I am not ready for the cold!

  14. Great Halloween display!
    Hugs, Drora

  15. Ugh, late to the party again. It was 19 degrees and dry here so outdoor Halloween party for us. Love your scene, the details are fantastic. Hope you enjoyed the fireworks =0)

  16. Excellent work and display. I'll be glad to see more details because I could see some great and interesting details in your scene.
    In France Halloween isn't really popular and some people are even against it. However for the few children who celebrated it it was a sunny and warm day.

  17. Hello Sarah,
    It looks terrific. I love the boogey man in the window. It is a very charming Halloween scene.
    Big hug,

  18. I refuse to believe that you don't own a shrink-ray - this is just TOO good!

  19. Oh my goodness Sarah! I had to look at those photos over and over. Can this really be miniature? It's so perfect. I can't believe my eyes. No way! You are a master artist!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Oh, this is a wonderful project! I'm sure all us miniaturists suffer from the same affliction - we never truly finish a project, even if we say it's finished we always come back to it and add thing or move them around. I think this turned out great! I especially love the way you antiqued the shelf on top of the door! Perhaps for my taste if could use a bit of dirtying up, but that's probably just me since I'm in that phase where I have to dirty up everything in my minis :) It's too much fun to stop I guess!
    I've been over the photos at least five times and every time I see something new. It's amazing how much details one can have in such a small space, right? I can't even begin to imagine the time it took you to make everything. I can't wait for your next project!

  22. Solo puedo decir.......PRECIOSO
    Un abrazo

  23. Hope you had a great Halloween, your scene is just wonderful!! I love the door! =) And there is so much to look at!! Beautiful!

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