Saturday, 30 August 2014

Vintage copyright free images!

Today, I discovered an amazing flickr site, "Internet Archive Book Images", which already has over 2 million copyright free, public domain images, which I thought would be very useful for future miniature printable projects. It's quite difficult to find images that are safe to use freely these days, so I am over the moon about this site, and the best part is, it is searchable, though a little bit hit and miss, you can still find some great images relating to your search word.

Image courtesy of Internet Archive Book Images.

Each image links to the book, from which the image was scanned. By searching for "doll-house", I found the above image, which linked to a book published in 1905, which has instructions and plans for building the above dollshouse. The book is available to read online here, and the instructions for the miniature house begins at page 71.  On page 109, you will find some instructions for tiny furniture too. There are even plans and instructions for a working miniature elevator on page 95. It is a lovely book to "flick" through!

P.s. When searching for images, make sure you have checked Internet Archive Book images in the drop box, below the search box. Flickr is a little confusing and you may inadvertently search all uploads to Flickr.

You can read more about the project here. 

!!Thank you Mr Leetaru and to everyone else involved!! 

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  1. Man, I love copyright free. You're right - it's a pain to find images to use. I've had a quick look at the site and there's a great collection of images to use. Thank you for saving me the 'Google' time looking for them =0)


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