Thursday, 15 May 2014

1:12 scale Old rusty keys giveaway.

Today is my birthday, I am thirty years old today! Panicking, slightly, which I believe is normal and will pass :D

Anyway, to celebrate, I am doing a giveaway. I've decided to give away three sets of keys, as I am three decades old, and the blog is just over three years old, so it's quite fitting.

I am doing a post about the making of these keys, I just need a few more photos, before it goes on the blog. A gas soldering iron was involved and a cautionary tale to go with it, nothing too serious, just plain stupidity.......

The keys have a rusty brown colour in reality. My camera decided not to show that, at all, as it preferred a monochrome look :D You can just about make out the rust........I think! 

Giveaway rules:-

  • You must be a follower of this blog.
  • Leave a comment to enter (if you aren't entering, please do not leave a comment, this will only confuse me later :D ).
  • State your preference of keys, beginning with your favourite set and ending with least favourite, ie. 1.a, 2.c, 3.b, first being your favourite, third being your least favourite. I like A best. :D
  • Worldwide giveaway - anyone from anywhere in the world can enter.

When I draw the names, the first person will receive their favourite set, second will receive their favourite of the two sets left over, and third will receive the last remaining set. So please remember to state your preference, otherwise you will get whichever set is left over, which is fine if you don't mind or can't choose between them.

Last day for entering the giveaway will be the 31st of May 2014, the winners will be announced on the 1st of June 2014.

Each set has a fancy "Irish shamrock-esque" trefoil key and three plain keys, on a ring. The keys are not removable, but you can easily snip the ring, to remove the keys if desired.

Good Luck and thanks for entering :)


  1. These are just wonderful! The rust just adds such a realistic look to the keys. Thank you for this chance to win a set of them. XXX

  2. Happy birthday! I'd like to participate. My preference is b, a, c; but I really like each. I put your link on my blog. Bye, Melli

  3. ¡¡¡¡¡ FELICIDADES !!!!
    Tus llaves son preciosas y por poner alguna preferencia ---> a,b,c,. Me encantará ver como lo has realizado.

  4. OOPS! I am so sorry! I forgot to add.... Wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  5. Congratulations on your 30th anniversary. I like to register for your nice giveaway. You have the keys nicely made. I think they are all three very beautiful.

    Dear greetings Xandra

  6. Happy Birthday....thirty is good (really good) Enjoy X
    I adore your keys......I too love "a", but it was hard to chose between them all.
    Have a great day!

  7. Happy Birthday! I loved my 30s, enjoy them.
    I like all the key sets, I can't choose a favorite either.

  8. Joyeux anniversaire Sarah !
    Je souhaite participer, peu importe le lot de clés, tous sont parfaits.
    Pour l 'instant, je ne peux pas mettre le lien sur mon blog, mon ordinateur est en réparation, je suis sur mon smartphone.
    Bisous. Rosethé

  9. Happy Birthday! I like all the key sets. I can´t choose a favourite either. It would be nice, to win the keys. I live in Finnland and have followed your blog a long time.

  10. Happy Birthday! I should say belated since it is the 16th here =)

    Can't wait to see the tutorial for this. I have been trying to figure out how to find keys small enough for 1/12 scale. I think B would have to be my favourite.

    Have made some skeins from your embroidery silks tutorial and love them <3

    I was following via Bloglovin' but followed via Blogger as well just in case =p


  11. Happy happy happy 30th birthday !
    And thanks for this cute giveaway. Your keys are so nice !
    Please count me in. I put a link on my blog.
    It's difficult to choose between them. Nevertheless, here's my choice :
    1 c 2 a 3 b


  12. Buongiorno, Sarah! Ma come sei giovane! Goditi questo traguardo! Ricordo i miei trent'anni, ora che ne ho quindici di più, come il mio periodo di "grande bellezza". :-)
    Trovo che tutto quello che fai, con la tua straordinaria manualità, sia assolutamente perfetto! Mi piacciono tutte le tue chiavi, ma se dovrei proprio dare una preferenza, preferisco quelle alla lettera C. Per il resto, sarei comunque felice di ricevere in dono qualsiasi cosa fatta da te. Come sarei onorata di ricevere un pacchetto che viene da Belfast! Grazie per l'opportunità, allora! A presto!!!

  13. Happy (belated) birthday Sarah, I hope you had a very nice birthday with lots of presents ;)?
    You spoil us with these gorgeous keys, they are really a feast for the eyes. Knowing that there will be a tutorial about how to make them, that would be so kind of you. Because I have a big canal house with lots of old doors which are waiting for these sort of keys....:D LOL!!
    The keys are all fabulous, it is hard to chose for me, but my choice would be: 1 c, 2 a, 3 b!
    Please, count me in, I'll put the link on my blog.
    I wish you a nice day/week.

  14. Happy birthday!
    The keys are fantastic.
    Please, count me in your giveaway. I choose: 1 a, 2 b, 3 c.
    I put the link on my blog.

  15. Hello Sarah,
    Happy birthday. I'm loving my 30s very much! I hope you celebrate. the keys are lovely. I think my order would be c-a-b.
    Have a happy birthday weekend.
    Big hug,

  16. Happy birthday, Sarah.
    Enjoy your thirty years, this is a fabulous age and so many beautiful things to come and create.
    Your three keyrings are as beautiful as each other.

  17. Happy birthday! That is such a lovely giveaway! Very hard to choose, but I think 1a, 2c, 3b. But really any of them will be a great gift to receive!
    Hugs, Idske

  18. I'm not commenting =0P, just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!

  19. I'll pick c, a, b ..Hope that's not too confusing and Happy Birthday!!! ( on one of my birthdays I got kicked out of the bar for dancing on the table, it was a lot of fun.)


  20. Happy Birthday, It only gets better! I would love to be included in your draw, I love all the styles of keys, but i think my fav is 1.A, 2.B, 3C

    Thanks so much,

  21. Happy Birthday wow 30 sooo young :))) Your keys are beautiful please count me in. I like them all but I pick 1c 2a 3b.
    Hugs Maria

  22. Happy Birthday!
    I love all your keys! Please count me in. Your link will be on my blog.
    Hugs, Drora

  23. Happy Happy Birthday tou you!!! Love these keys- if I HAVE to chose- 2B 1A 3C- or any of the above is just fine! Thank you- this is fun! Barbara Ann

  24. Happy birthday Sarah !
    I'd like to participate, the three set of keys are beautiful, I can't choose.

  25. Wish I were 30 again LOL
    Happy Birth- and Blogday. It was hard to choose as all the keys look fabulous!! but my preference is 1. a, 2. b, and 3. c

  26. Happy 30th Birthday! I just turned 50,so I think 30 is young,don't freak out about it. the keys are great,I like them all but if I have to choose it would be B,C,A

  27. Congratulations! And Happy 30th Birthday! I have my 45th birthday in about 2,5 months from now and I'm already freaking out about it (^ ^)
    I think my order with the keys would be C-A-B.
    Hugs, Irina

  28. Happy Birthday! Thirty is very young and and the beginning of fantastic years, no need to panic.
    Wonderful giveaway! Please count me in! My favourites 1b 2a 3c.

  29. bonsoir Sarah,
    je viens de récupérer mon ordinateur, je mets le lien sur mon blog. A bientôt ! rosethé

  30. Ou sont passé mes 30 ans ??? ho..ho.. Joyeux anniversaire ! et ton give away sera très utile dans la hutte d'Hagrid , elles sont superbes tes clefs et je ne peux choisir laquelle.

  31. Happy belated Birthday to you! I am looking forward for your new tutorial, but of course I´d be happy to win your wonderful keys in your giveaway :D My choice would be 1. a, 2. b and 3 c. (They look all wonderful to me!)
    Hugs, Sandra

  32. Gefeliciteerd met je 30ste verjaardag. Mooie sleutels. Ik doe graag mee.

  33. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My children are in their thirties. I barely remember them lol! I like the keys in the order they are in. 1.a 2.b 3.c. :-)

  34. Feliz cumpleaños, Son unas llaves preciosas, mi preferencia 1c,2a,3b, me encantará participar en tu sorteo.Feliz fin de semana:-)

  35. feliz cumpleaños, me sumo a la celebración: 1a, 2b, 3c, subo el enlace a mi blog

  36. happy birthday! please count me in your beaty giveaway.

  37. favorite keys (I love all of them) are 1c 2a 3b

  38. I just wanted to say how much I love your blog, all of your work is so wonderful and of such a high standard and you are so generous in sharing your tips and tutorials. I can't wait to read your next post.

  39. Happy Birthday, oh to be 30 again. I was 30 30 years ago! I just discovered your blog on the Mitchy Moo blog. I have just signed up to follow you. I'm not sure how I have not come across your blog sooner. I am going to make a cup of tea and get comfortable for an evening of reading your blog. It looks like you have lots of goodies in the tutorial section and it is nice to see that they don't require a lot of specialized tools or materials. The only chance I have to purchase from a shop is when I attend a show. There aren't any stores close to where I live. I love the keys and would like a chance to win (my maiden name was Keyes - pronounced keys)! 1st choice = B, 2nd = A, 3rd = C. Hard to pick a favorite as they are all lovely. Enjoy your birthday.....Penny

  40. Ohhh Sarah!! Happy Birthday to you and to your blog!! ;D
    Thank's for this opportunity.
    I like the keys! I think my order would be c-a-b.
    I put your link on my blog.

  41. Wow! The keys are fantastic!! I would love to enter the giveaway! I think they all look great, but I think I would say: 1: a 2: b 3: c

    And hope you had a very happy birthday!!

  42. They are all so cute! I'm a new follower, and I just LOVE your blog! I like all three sets, but in order, I really like 1:a, 2:c, 3:b. Happy birthday!

  43. Muchas felicidades, por favor apúntame a tu sorteo 1º b, 2º c y 3º b, mucha gracias y que cumplas muchos, besos
    subo el enlace a mi blog

  44. A very Happy Birthday to you. Love your keys. I would be thrilled to have any set. But if I had to choose I like 1A, 2C, 3B. I am in love with your work.

  45. Well, first of all congratulations on your birthday!
    I really want to participate in your giveaway. This is my choice: 1-C, 2-B, 3-A.
    Thank you and good luck to all.

  46. Felicidades!! aunque ya es un poco tarde.....pero te deseo lo mejor y 30 años no son nada! pero a partir de ahora los años te pasaran volando.
    esta es mi elección A - C - B
    Te anuncio en mi blog!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  47. Feliz cumpleaños , que son 30 años?? ya quisiera yo pillarlos . Bueno me encanta tu sorteo, las llaves son preciosas y mi preferencia es 1º C - 2º B - 3º A . Participo en el sorteo y lo anuncio en mi blog. Besos y gracias por tu generosidad.

  48. Feliz cumpleaños, con retraso! pronto tambien sera el mio, solo que muchos años mas! :( jeje, pasate por mi blog si quieres, tambien estoy de sorteo!! me encantan tus trabajos, hace poco he hecho las piñas con tu tutorial y me ha encantado hacerlas!!! me encantaria participar en tu sorteo, que maravilla de llaves, me encantan todas pero si tengo que elgir 1-B, 2-A, 3-C, lo pongo en mi blog, besos.

  49. Поздравляю с прошедшим Днем рождения!
    Ваша миниатюра всегда совершенна! Я как раз заканчиваю строительство дома! Дверь уже есть!!!
    Запишите пожалуйста меня! Мне нравится вариант b. a.c.
    С уважением

  50. Lovely, Its as easy as a,b,c! I love them all. I wonder what they unlock?

  51. Hola ! acabo de hacerme seguidora de tu blog y no se si vale para participar en tu sorteo .
    Las llaves son todas muy bonitas y es difícil la elección , pero si pudiera escoger empezaría por .
    1ª la C / 2ª la B / 3ª la A

  52. Felicidades por tu cumpleaños! Acabo de conocer tu blog y es una pasada, me encantaría participar en el sorteo. Las llaves son todas perfectas, no puedo elegir, cualquiera de ellas me haría súper feliz.

  53. Hola soy tu seguidora desde hace tiempo y me gustaría participar en tu sorteo. todas las llaves están muy bonitas, pero si hay que elegir seria asi: A-1 B-2 C-3 . No tengo blog, pero te dejo mi correo por si tengo suerte. Gracias, un abrazo Ana Cámara

  54. I wish you all the best for your new decade! Thank you very much for the opportunity to win one of your sets of keys. The shapes and the rusty look are perfect. I like them all and I have no preference... :)

  55. hi Sarah!!! Forgive me, I only found out now that your birthday has passed, alas, for the past 15 days .. I'm sorry to be so late to come to you my best wishes, but I hope you have spent a happy day! 30 years ... I got married at 30 years, 20 years ago .. you could be my daughter! hahaha!
    your keys are fantastic my preference is: a, c, b ... but any would be perfect, however, for my mountain cabin!
    I put the link on my blog and I really hope to win, it is a time a little sad for me, your package would make me happy, thank you! :)

  56. Olá por favor me inclua no seu sorteio a minha preferência é: 1º A 2ºC 3º B coloquei também no meu blog
    Um abraço

  57. Felicidades!!! Es un sorteo preciso. Mi preferencia es b, c, a.




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