Monday, 16 December 2013

1:12 scale Hyacinth

This is a Georgie Steed Hyacinth Kit, one of many great plant kits she sells on her blog  I really, really like these kits, and there is room to add your own details. I added the bulbs for instance, which were made using air drying clay, with a small piece of tissue paper wrapped around the formed bulb to give it a papery look, which was then painted.  I used colour pencils on the leaves. The Hyacinth kit is for 6 plants, but I have chosen to make 5, so they would have bulkier flower heads, though there are quite a few flowers left over, which could be used for something else. The moss is railway modellers turf.

The basket was made following Kris' tutorial Instead of the card base, I used wood, drilling holes for the paper covered wire. I used this site , to help mark out the divisions for drilling. I used a finer thread (linen) than the one in the tutorial, so the basket would be daintier, though that makes it take longer to finish....glad I didn't go any finer.

Ghastly lighting conditions as always. The sun is very low now, and rarely out of the cloud, these photos were taken OUTSIDE, that is white paper, not grey paper.

This is another one of the items made for a Christmas scene, which isn't coming together as quickly as I thought it would......... I always miss the deadline!


  1. The hyacinth kit turned out beautifully. And the basket you made, followings Kris's tutorial is very pretty as well!

  2. Hi Amber, what a great job you did on the basket and great idea to create the bulbs for the hyacinths.
    We only have to wait a few more days till the shortest day . Hurrah! The days will begin to lengthen. Your little plant reminds me that spring is sure to come!
    Seasons greetings

  3. Una planta maravillosa es perfecta.
    Un abrazo.

  4. vous avez bien utilisé le kit, les fleurs sont superbes, le panier aussi ! Joli travail.
    Amicalement. rosethé

  5. You have done a great job on this hyacinth kit, Sarah, the plants look very realistic and wonderful. The small basket is so delicately and looks gorgeous too. I also am always late for a Christmas scene, we will see this year if I can manage to do one: too less time in this busy month, I think!

  6. Hi Sarah,

    These are beautiful kits, it's nice to know you can alter them a bit, they look very authentic and perfect in the basket. It's hard to work in such dull light,you have done a great job though, your photos a lovely. I have the opposite problem here, the light can be so harsh it washes everything out, you really cant photograph anything in the open.
    ML Fi x

  7. Beautiful flowers!
    Greetings, Faby

  8. Hi Sarah! What a Fabulous up-grade for the kit!!! I think that including the tops of the bulbs is so authentic looking and I love that the flower heads are fuller too! Plantings always look better with odd numbers rather than even, so making 5 for the pot rather than 6 was a wise choice and the finished basket and potted plant looks Absolutely Fantastic. Your talents as always, continue to impress and amaze me!
    Have a very Merry Christmas Sarah! :D



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