Friday, 4 January 2013

Spindle Back Arm chair by Colin Bird... and a bit late / very early Christmas tree.

I first saw Colin Birds chairs on his website. And although the pictures show how amazing they are, it isn't until you have one "in person" that you realise just how dainty they are. When I saw them all sitting together at his stall at Miniatura, I put one on my Christmas list, though I had to order early, as there is a waiting list, not surprisingly, and the chairs are made from scratch so they take time to make. Colin Bird explains the details of his craft on his website He has also written an article, for AIM, about bending wood, which I will definitely have a go at sometime.

I haven't taken as many pictures as I would like to, as the light levels here have been bad, due to the cloudy weather. And it is hard to photograph the chair well, without distortion.  I have used lamps for lighting today, which I hate to do, but they haven't come out too badly.

Spindle Back Arm Chair by Colin Bird  Made with Cherry wood and Laburnum (seat).  The Cherry wood is sourced from a Cherry tree in Colins garden. The chair is incredibly light, yet strong with a beautiful sheen and depth to the wood. You can see the spindles reflect on the seat in this photograph. So much time and skill in this tiny chair. The chair is signed, discreetly on the underside of the seat.

No Christmas presents, except the chair of course, which my dad bought for me.   I made the tree using pipe cleaners, cocktail sticks, dowelling and acrylic paint. The star is cut from a brass sheet, using a jewellers saw.  Pot is temporary. It is a miniature terracotta pot, painted silver.  The tree is a magnet for cat hair and fluff.  Little presents for next year maybe.

Handmade Christmas decorations. Cut out of wood and perspex using a jewellers saw.  The robins are handpainted on both sides,  and each ornament has a tiny hole drilled, with the cord and wire glued in place.  The silver chain I bought on Ebay.

And the rug is almost finished, sort of. 

Christmas in the new conservatory, which I've been busy with lately. Almost finished. The outdoor scene is a magazine page, which is just there today for fun.

Happy Belated Christmas and New Year!!


  1. Me ha encantado ver tus fantasticas miniaturas.
    besitos ascension

  2. Preciosa alfombra, el punto de cruz me encanta y si es mini, me entusiasma todavia más.
    Un abrazo

    1. Gracias miniaturista, la alfombra es un kit de Bobbie Schoonmaker :) Ella tiene algunos diseños encantadores. Esta fue mi favorito.


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