Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Not much has happened since I last posted and I went on a last minute holiday for 2 weeks, so everything has been neglected. The rug isn't even half finished, and I have been obsessively working on that mostly. Though I did find time to fiddle about with the windows on the front of the house. Currently waiting for a piece of fabric to arrive, so I can get started upholstering my sofa, which has been sitting about in pieces. So hopefully, that will be the my next entry, as anyone who has done needlepoint will know, a few days of work doesn't look like much, I have lost count of the days spent so far...

Finished rug will have thirty seven thousand, nine hundred and nine stitches (37,909) Not daunting in the slightest. I am not even halfway there! Rug is a kit by Bobbie Schoonmaker, Arak Saruk design. It is because I love the design, that has kept this from being thrown into a corner and forgotten about it. It's a bit dull here today, so the camera has not quite picked up how lovely the colours are.

The facade of the house will be evolving, at the moment  I am just doing whatever takes my fancy, there is no plan! Decided to keep the original plastic windows, and make them more interesting by adding windowsills. I'm not too worried about the scale here. The door is a bought one, and is subject to change. Door ornaments were bought at Miniatura from Tony Hooper. 

Windowsills are made with balsa wood and dowelling, upper portico is made with an old piece of coving that came free with the dollshouse, many years ago. Bit of filling in and painting still to do.

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  1. This is really a good idea to add cornices above the windows. The facade is more elegant and more relief


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