Sunday 9 May 2021

 Hello, for the forseeable future it's unlikely I'll be coming back to this blog. With the coronavirus lockdown and the current situation in my part of the world I don't have the energy for it. 

I'm now posting anything I've made or will make on instagram @ratfingers

I am a Trump supporter, due to the fact I sincerely believe he was trying to prevent further war and make America more self sufficient.

 I follow Anthony Brian Logan, Candace Owens, Four Freedoms international, Turning point uk, Russia Insight, Mark Dice, Awaken with JP, Russia Today, Eco India, South China post, Hindustan Times, Dr Mumbi, Townsends, Charles Dowding, Russell Brand, it goes on and on.

I also read Howard Kunstlers blog, an ex democrat supporter and the Consciousness of sheep blog.

Hope you are all well, and thanks for being so helpful and encouraging to me and others since I started my blog and miniatures.