Monday 30 October 2023

1:12th scale baskets

Made using linen thread.

I hope to one day have a real job, and meet a nice man and maybe have children, I would have liked that back when I started my blog, I especially would have liked a job.

1:12th scale Linen display case

1:12th scale Easter rabbit


1:12th scale Easter chicks

Halloween doodles

 Awhile back I was trying to come up with something to draw for Halloween, so I got a book and a pen, and drew the outline with my eyes closed, and then coloured in, with my eyes open. So the top line was done with my eyes closed whilst trying to think of what I was drawing, without looking, although I did peek a few times. The bottom line a simpler, swirling line.


1:12th scale Fox terrier pull toy


Based on my dog Becky, from many years ago.

1:12th scale Elephant pull toy